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landmark cup • finale

Tripadvisor has ranked the top landmarks as travel destinations of which we selected the top eight to decide which one we like best

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu • Peru » info

Mutianyu Great Wall

Beijing • China » info

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vartal Machu Picchu  +1
SpiderBHZ Both a great but I choose the one built by a people with far less technical conditions. Inca.  
Towersla Machu Picchu via the Hiram Bingham luxury train!  
Axel76NG The Great Wall was mostly built in the 80s though  
RaymondHood Donald Trump voted for the wall, since China paid for it.  +5
Celt67 Got to be the largest single stucture ever built by man.  +1
Rekarte Both are awesome but Machu Picchu is the best one  +1
Sechou Machu Picchu  +1