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Batumi cup • semi final

Eight of the most striking skyscrapers and projects which are shaping the Georgian Black Sea resort and port city

Cathedral of Commerce

Woolworth Building • New York • 241 meter • 1913 » info

Tribune Tower

Chicago • 141 meter • 1925 » info

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Unregistered I don't think either of the options are located in Batumi.  +1
A Chicagoan Why does it call me "Unregistered"?  
Balkanada ...and again people are automatically voting for which building is taller and not which one they actually think looks better  +3
Unregistered Actually, the Woolworth is gorgeous, and also happened to be the tallest in the World for 17 years! It was built 12 years earlier than Tribune Tower and is the more impressive building. The gothic top has been a standout for over 100 years.  +1
A Chicagoan I'm from Chicago, and I think the Woolworth Building is better.  
vartal Cathedral of Commerce  
Braillard Batumi is really underrated  +5
Bruce.Tenmile Such a shame that this isn't the Batumi final.  +2
RaymondHood Yikes, my design is losing 10-2!  +1
RaymondHood How could I not vote for a building designed by Raymond Hood?