one on one of September 2, 2017

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AS+GG visions and proposals cup • quarter final

Eight proposals and visions presented by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture

Burj 2020

Dubai • 550 meter » info

Thompson Center Redevelopment

Chicago • 518 meter » info

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vartal Thompson Center Redevelopment  
Ultros TCR would be awesome, but come on now... it's the U.S., developers there are risk-averse old farts with no vision. It's not happening.  
DUBAI10000 I agree with naruciakk that would basically be a monument in Dubai vs. a capital creation invsetment in Chicago. Americans though always have to knock another country for its skyscrapers, they are either tacky and for profit, lavish luxury bullshit or just for show.  +1
Gabriel900 Burj 2020 is not 550m!! thats the second Dubai project with a major flaw in its info!  +2
naruciakk Definitely Chicago. Why? Because this one is going to be highly efficient capital allocation, useful for the economy, and not just a nice monument.  +7
Gabriel900 Nice way to present your racism lol  +2
naruciakk That comment was by no means thought to be racist. It's just a fact that in many cases supertalls in the middle east are not meant to be profitable, but to be a monument (like Burj Khalifa). If it's not the case in this situation, then my apologies.  +5