one on one of September 12, 2017

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mexico city cup • quarter final

a selection of eight of the tallest and most striking skyscrapers and projects in the Mexican capital

Torre Reforma

246 meter • 2016 » info

Chapultepec Uno

241 meter • under construction » info

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mexmatt Of course, the Torre Reforma represents so much innovation, BUT, Chapultepec 1 really packs a whallop whne you see it live, especially since it gets so extremely skinny at the top. And besides, what better location for a Ritz-Carlton hotel? It's view will be the best in the city, hands down.  
A Chicagoan Maybe a better angle of Torre Reforma? This view is all I've seen of it since the 2016 cup.  
spidey7312 There is no "better" angle of Torre Reforma. The back side of the building is just a massive concrete wall with slats in it.  
vartal Chapultepec Uno  
Axel76NG Torre Reforma is a bit more interesting, but both are really nice  +1
Edil Arda Torre Reforma should win this whole competition.  +3