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eight famous quotes by famous people

Form ever follows function

Louis Sullivan

Form follows beauty

Oscar Niemeyer

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ThatOneGuy Form, function and durability are equally important (Vitruvius ftw)  
DJaCoNdA Form must follow function and beauty!  +1
Zaz965 why can't we have both at same time? hehe  +2
zaphod I think its most Form follows Function, but beauty faciliates communication and therefore is part of function. Consider the entrance of a building. It should be grand and beautiful to signal that its the main entrance to those who have never visited the building before. That's function.  +1
SMCYB A building is a space for people on the inside, and an object for people to look at from the outside. Function and beauty are bot important.  +1
DUBAI10000 Form follows beauty all the way. Architecture is an art. This is literally Engineers v. Architects. haha  +2
missioneiro as a good brazilian, I choose Sullivan. Niemeyer transformed our cities into gray places crowded with milk boxes or white round structures  +5
Slartibartfas Good design combines both, bad design ignores one or the other.  +8
SpiderBHZ Niemeyer, of course. Brasilia says it all.  +1
RegentHouse One building by Louis Sullivan is more beautiful than everything by Niemeyer combined.  +1
GGJ16 I believe it's more about the discussion about beauty-function than about the architects themselves.  +1