one on one of October 8, 2017

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cancel cup • quarter final

eight of the tallest skyscraper projects that started construction but got cancelled anyway

Nakheel Tower

Dubai • 1000 meter » info

Burj Al Alam

Dubai • 510 meter » info

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FloripaNation Nakeel  
Niek99 What a sad cup...  +2
INFERNAL ELF Had nakheel tower actually been built The Saudis would probably be building mile high tower at the moment. And dubai creek would have gone past that again.  +1
RegentHouse Chicago Spire is going to win. I called it.  
vartal Burj Al Alam  +1
Qweoiu Even though Nakheel Tower is much taller, the Burj Al Alam is so much more striking and symbolic  +2
Lindemann Nakheel tower was so Coruscant  +3