one on one of October 11, 2017

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cancel cup • quarter final

eight of the tallest skyscraper projects that started construction but got cancelled anyway

Palace of the Soviets

Moscow • 495 meter » info

Russia Tower

Moscow • 612 meter » info

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vartal Russia Tower  +3
Skizo91 I hate communism but the palace would have looked amazing.  +3
INFERNAL ELF Palace of the soviets if u look away from the blatant symbolism and what it represents. The architecture on its own is absolutely Marvelous. and the height is insane  
Maks33 That crude symbol of bolshevism is a new Tower of Babel.  +1
Tolbert Crude symbol of genocidal maniacs versus crude symbol of genocidal free market capitalism ;)  +12
RegentHouse Crude symbol of genocidal maniacs versus elegant symbol of free market capitalism.  +6
Sechou Russia Tower  +5