one on one of October 15, 2017

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mad cup • quarter final

eight designs, built and unbuilt, by Beijing based MAD Architects

Urban Forest

385 meters • Chongqing • vision » info

Huangshan Mountain Village

Huangshan mountains • China • completed » info

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RaymondHood Urban Forest looks like a 3-D printer overheated and melted.  +1
Braillard hahahaha spot on  
zaphod Every city is getting a pancake tower. There's a shorty version of the Urban Forest building planned for Los Angeles as well. The Huangshan Mountain Village complex on the other hand is very remarkable. It looks like an illustration from 1970s sci fi. Maybe I just have a thing for "sloped" buildings with facades that stick out, but I like it a LOT better.  +5
vartal Urban Forest  +1