one on one of October 19, 2017

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cancel cup • semi final

eight of the tallest skyscraper projects that started construction but got cancelled anyway

Nakheel Tower

Dubai • 1000 meter » info

Chicago Spire

Chicago • 610 meter » info

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Lindemann I vote for  
gwiATLeman I am just not a fan of the giant drill bit.  +1
KillerZavatar [link]  +1
KillerZavatar this comparison speaks for itself.  +1
INFERNAL ELF Nakheel tower althoug Chicago spire got an amazing architecture and good height. Nakheel Tower was tottaly pusing boundaries And had it been built The Worlds tallest building race would be very different now.  +1
BinSuroor Definitely Nakheel tower  +3