one on one of October 23, 2017

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sphere cup • quarter final

A selection of eight sphere-shaped structures for you to decide which one you like best!


New York City • 1964 » info

Centro Cultural de Tijuana

Tijuana • 1982 » info

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CapTijSlp Tijuana cultural center, not only is a sphere, it is a planetary cinema, with a lot of culture.  
Chikoelektriko Go Tijuana go!!!  
yukatan_boy go go go go Tijuana!!  
vartal Unisphere  
rustik68 Unisphere - plagiarism from the Kazan fountain in 1935  
naruciakk Centro Cultural is nice, but Unisphere is a sign of the epoch.  +1
ThatOneGuy Unisphere is so iconic  +1
eighty4 Until the Tijuana building gets hit by an alien space ship in another men in black film, its just not going to be as cool  +4