one on one of October 31, 2017

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dome cup • quarter final

Eight of the world famous domes

St Paul`s Cathedral

London » info

United States Capitol

Washington, D.C. » info

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Amecurty the bottom part of the capitol is ruining it in that pic.. that color :(.. but both are great looking buildings.  
castillo2008 300 years old- 150 years old. They look similar, but there are big differences in favour of st Paul no doubt.  +4
JamieUK The US Capitol looks to have a painted look to it that I don't like. The Cathedral looks better to me because of the more stoney look.  
3tmk THe US capitol underwent extensive restoration in the past years, so it's shiny and clean  +2
bumbledah. What an awful pic of the capitol  
naruciakk They are pretty similar, but this time – capitol, for one reason – the dome is exposed better.  +1
roballan Absolutely St. Paul's, it's a masterpiece.  +2
vartal St Paul`s Cathedral  +1