one on one of November 6, 2017

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duo cup • round 1

Sixteen of the most famous duo towers in the world!

Petronas Towers

Kuala Lumpur • 2 x 452 meter » info

Emirates Towers

Dubai • 355 and 309 meter » info

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Azrain98 petronas all the way  +3
roballan An architectural masterpiece vs kitsch... tough choice.  +1
JotaPe Pelli.  +2
vartal Petronas Towers  +3
solu├žo petronas for symmetry  +3
THT-United I come from the land of the Petronas Towers so my vote is for our country's landmark, for sure! :)  +3
Hudson11 Though choice- both are iconic but I actually like the Emirates Towers better.  +1
The seventh shape When I saw those Dubai towers I first thought it was a picture from a sci fi film.  +3
DJaCoNdA Hard choice...  +2
Icewave Petronas Towers will win the duo cup for sure  +8
Sechou PETRONAS!  +3