one on one of November 11, 2017

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duo cup • round 1

Sixteen of the most famous duo towers in the world!

Puerta de Europa

Madrid • 2 x 114 meter » info

Towers of Bologna

Bologna • Garisenda and Asinelli » info

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roballan Though choice, both are great for very unique reasons. And though I do see the grandeur and significance of the Towers of Bologna, I'd have to go with Puerta de Europa, not just because of their iconic symbolism and status, but also out of great admiration and love for Spain.  
ArtZ This competition is duo cup, not country cup. ;P  +1
Manitopiaaa These are the two cities, as an American, that I've actually been fortunate enough to live in for an extended period of time. I like Madrid more as a city, but the timelessness of the Garisenda and Asinelli win this round for me.  
vartal Towers of Bologna  
gattogiallorosso bologna!  
goodybear The towers of Bologna are what inspired the WTC Twin Towers.  
SpiderBHZ Bolonha!