one on one of November 13, 2017

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duo cup • round 1

Sixteen of the most famous duo towers in the world!

Lippo Centre

Hong Kong • 186 and 172 meter » info

Marina City

Chicago &bull 2 x 179 meter » info

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A Chicagoan They have the same average height, so no more voting based on height, people! (Unless you decide to say Lippo Centre has the highest point, which is just stupid.)  
ThatOneGuy Both of them are amazing.  +2
abii Both of them are fuglyyyyy  
DeaconG Marina City is classic  +7
vartal Lippo Centre  +1
geoworld Paul Rudolph's Lippo Center is outstanding, Chicago's twins are loosers here.  +1
spidey7312 Funny you should say that considering they are winning lol  
KlausDiggy Lippo Centre is my favorite  +1
goodybear Marina City was very innovative when it was built in the 1960s, and there is much more to it than just the outside.  +8
towerpower123 Cool Cyberpunk design vs doring repeating balconies? Lippo Centre gets my vote!  +2
Sechou tough choice dammit  +4