one on one of November 14, 2017

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dome cup • semi final

Eight of the world famous domes

Taj Mahal

Agra » info

Dome of the Rock

Jerusalem » info

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ArtZ Taj will win the contest.  
londonfai Taking into account that the Dome of the rock was built in ~600s and the Taj in ~1600 I would say the Dome of the rock wins.  +3
abii Persian architecture (Taj Mahal) vs Arab? Persian wins every time ;)  
londonfai It demonstrates both (Islamic) Persian and Mughul Architecture, which are both offshoots of Islamic Arab Architecture. Let us not forget that at that time also, Persians were culturally Arabs, writing their most important works in Arabic and also having Arabic names and were also following Sunni Islam (Iran only converted to Shia Islam at later times during the Safavid era).  +1
vartal Taj Mahal  +1
zwischbl Even purpose wise the Taj Mahal!  
Infesus Aladdin, of course!  +1
SpiderBHZ Taj, naturally!  +1