one on one of November 25, 2017

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dome cup • finale

Eight of the world famous domes

Taj Mahal

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SpiderBHZ Taj is one of the most beautiful building on Earth, but I had to chose a "dome" and in this case the dome is the Pantheon.  +8
Christi69 Both are great, but since it's about domes and not overall beauty, I choose the Pantheon  +4
The_Fox This is a tough one!  
micrip On the other hand, the Taj Mahal might be the most beautiful building, period!  +1
RaymondHood The Pantheon embodies spave, structure light, and the unfolding od time. Can't beat that!  +1
DiogoBaptista Pantheon the mother of all domes ! Visit the pantheon and you'all feel the real architecture ! Pure landmark! An icon !  +4
castillo2008 Pantheon is "the dome"  +13
Braillard Taj Mahal  +2
vartal Taj Mahal  +2