one on one of November 27, 2017

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Philly cup • quarter final

Eight landmarks which define the city of brotherly love

Liberty Place

288 and 258 meter • 1988 and 1990 » info

PSFS Building

150 meter • 1932 » info

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vartal Liberty Place  +2
DeaconG This is a hard one, I love Liberty Place but the PSFS building is the quintessential Art Deco.  +1
xzmattzx One Liberty Place was my favorite skyscraper growing up, and probably still is. Two Liberty Place has always seemed like a shorter, stubbier brother to 1LP.  +1
TaxiRide Postmodern in simply tacky. PSFS could be boring, but it is not as ugly as that pyramid thing.  
goodybear How is this even a question?  +1
micrip PSFS very nice and ahead of its time, though. It could have been built 50 years later.  +2
Braillard More like 30 years, cladding-wise, but yeah.  
HRP4Life Lol someone voted for PSFS  +1