one on one of November 29, 2017

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Philly cup • quarter final

Eight landmarks which define the city of brotherly love

Philadelphia City Hall

167 meter • 1901 » info

Independence Hall

51 meter • 1753 » info

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micrip The question was: What defines the city. I'm betting that if random Americans are shown a photo of each, they will associate Independence Hall with Philly before City Hall  
DeaconG This is not an easy choice at all (I've been in both), but if it comes down to representing the city, City Hall has to be it.  
TheLastGentleman Independence Hall is a great building with great history, but just look at City Hall! Look at it!  +2
vartal Philadelphia City Hall  
Grazhdanin Philadelphia City Hall  
Gutovsky It's a vote for the landmark, not for beauty...  
RegentHouse Independence Hall not only defines a city, but a nation as well.  
Borough One is retrained and beautifully proportioned, the other is a vulgar lump... I wonder which to vote for?  +1
RaymondHood 94% in favor of City Hall -- good call.