one on one of November 30, 2017

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duo cup • semi final

Sixteen of the most famous duo towers in the world!

Petronas Towers

Kuala Lumpur • 2 x 452 meter » info

Bahrein World Trade Center

Manama • 2 x 240 meter » info

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roballan Petronas... Pelli's masterpiece.  
wkiehl101 BWTC...beautiful design  
ArtZ Petronas, of course. BTW, who remembers "The Entrapment" with Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones? :)  
vartal Petronas Towers  +1
JotaPe Pelli all the way.  +1
Grazhdanin Bahrein World Trade Center  
goodybear Petronas Tower really kicked off the skyscraper development in Asia.  +7
RegentHouse Supertalls outside Hong Kong, yes. Skyscrapers in general, no.  
Joe_centennial Petronas, no question. Sleek and iconic.  +4
QalzimCity love bwtc, but there are not even half as tall as the petronas...  +3
A Chicagoan They're actually more than half as tall as the Twins (assuming the data given to us is correct), but I do see your point.  
Edil Arda BWTC is pretty cool, but Petronas is an iconic landmark. Tough choice. I voted for BWTC.  +5