one on one of December 5, 2017

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four or more cup • quarter final

famous skyscraper complexes with at least four towers and and designed by the same architect

Qatar Petroleum District

Doha » info

Abraj Al Bait

Mecca » info

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Silly_Walks As someone who likes history, archaeology, old buildings and architecture, I cannot vote for Abraj Al Bait.  +3
stewie1980 Saudis ruined Mecca :(  +3
call14 Stalin likes Abraj Al Bait  +1
Legen.. Wait For It Abraj Al Bait  +1
Sechou Abraj Al Bait  +1
Franzl I refuse to pick one of them, they're both so terrible  +14
naruciakk Abraj Al Bait is so awful, it actually looks interesting  +2
vartal Abraj Al Bait  +1