one on one of December 6, 2017

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Philly cup • semi final

Eight landmarks which define the city of brotherly love

Comcast Center

297 meter • 2008 » info

Liberty Place

288 and 258 meter • 1988 and 1990 » info

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Waffles Liberty Place -- First time Philly began to reach for the sky!  
SMCYB Any building that is even a vague copy of the Chrysler Building gets my vote any day.  
DeaconG Liberty Place, not only is it iconic but it was the first set of buildings to break the City Hall height restriction.  +2
mrjomaled Liberty Place.....CC just looks big and hulky.....not elegant at all  +1
roballan Libery place may not be the tallest, but its timeless geometry is iconic, and so classy.  +2
Ultros Liberty place is proof height isn't always everything. They're not as tall as CC, but way classier. They work with the flow of the skyline, while CC feels like it's doing it's own thing.  +2
vartal Liberty Place  +1