one on one of December 8, 2017

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duo cup • finale

Sixteen of the most famous duo towers in the world!

Petronas Towers

Kuala Lumpur • 2 x 452 meter » info

Towers of Bologna

Bologna • Garisenda and Asinelli » info

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Braillard Towers of Bologna  +1
vartal Towers of Bologna  +2
HRP4Life Petronas Towers no doubt.  +4
SpiderBHZ Petrona towers are so f..g ugly!  +1
goodybear This is a worthy finale. Although I think they should've included the most famous Twin Towers ever in the contest: the WTC.  +4
ArtZ Well, WTC Towers were quite ugly, IMO.  
RasyidOchmann Petronas Towers for the win!  +3