one on one of December 10, 2017

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gold cup • quarter final

Eight golden skyscrapers, one will take the gold!


Benidorm » info

Cour de Justice

Luxemburg » info

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A Chicagoan Hmm. Why would I vote for a golden pair of pants?  
RegentHouse Intempo, because Cour de Justice is an architectural atrocity that looks more like a jail than court with those irregular shifted grid windows. Another reason to despise the "European" Union.  +5
naruciakk Cour de Justice is a international masterpiecie  
naruciakk *masterpiece  
Waffles Cour de Justice  
SMCYB There really needs to be an option to vote for neither.  +1
Pohtija I like Intempo. Out of the ordinary. A bold design! :)  +1
Anticalaca Mmmm thats a thought one. The two are abominable  +7
crisiso Omg, both are terrible! At least Benindorm have beach...  +2
Victhor Even if it´s not good architecture, Intempo is one of the most amazing towers in the world, Cour de Justice is better architecture, but forgettable  +2
Slartibartfas To put this abomination from Benidorm next to those classy court towers is an insult.  +7
vartal Intempo  +2
Edil Arda Both are ugly.  +3