one on one of December 12, 2017

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gold cup • quarter final

Eight golden skyscrapers, one will take the gold!

Royal Bank Plaza

Toronto » info

Trump International Hotel

Las Vegas » info

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Kadzman The Vegas one looks like a container of golden piss. If it loses, has to be fake news for someone.  +1
Bisonblight RBP's actually clad in gold. How can you not vote for that.  
spidey7312 I'll bet that half the votes for RBP are just because the other option says "TRUMP" on it  +1
austrini Thats what mine was  +1 Trump Hotel (not for its name, but the classic look)  
lf4ever Both are pretty, but I think that the Royal Bank Plaza has a little bit more architectural depth to it.  +2
isaidso This shouldn't be close at all. Royal Bank Plaza is one of nicest skyscrapers around.  +2
vartal Royal Bank Plaza  +1
griendt these comments... smh  
RokasLT Trump building has better cladding, but fuck Trump, no politicizing on building.  +1
ThatOneGuy Royal Bank plaza is one of the most beautiful skyscrapers in Toronto. Not even gonna comment on the other...  +1
SMCYB I hate Trump, and god that building is ugly.  +7
TheLastGentleman Both are among the ugliest things I've ever laid my eyes on.  +2
JamieUK I love Trump, but god that building is ugly.  +3
ozabyss Anything and I mean ANYTHING OTHER than Trump  +10
JMGA196 Mike Pence then?  +1
RegentHouse Butthurt much? The best part is a twin tower is on its way.  +1
Sechou Royal Bank Plaza  +2