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Philly cup • finale

Eight landmarks which define the city of brotherly love

Liberty Place

288 and 258 meter • 1988 and 1990 » info

Philadelphia City Hall

167 meter • 1901 » info

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towerpower123 Modern skyscrapers versus classic Beaux Arts. This was a hard one because Liberty Place was the first skyscraper to have the stones to break the gentleman's agreement of not building taller than City Hall, allowing the whole skyline to grow taller.  +1
SMCYB City Hall. Liberty Place is one of the best Chrysler knock-offs, but why is this even a question?  +1
DZH22 There is no wrong answer with this one. It is the appropriate finale for Philadelphia.  +1
DeaconG I really hate to pick between the two, but when push comes to shove, City Hall represented my home town for a century. Plus, the observation deck is not for the faint of heart!  
SpiderBHZ The City Hall.  +1
nick.english.dept There is something about yesteryear and the buildings that reflect past eras that isn't captured today.  
DJaCoNdA Philadelphia City Hall is more "iconic".  +2
Sechou Liberty Place  +1
vartal Philadelphia City Hall  +1