one on one of December 22, 2017

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four or more cup • finale

famous skyscraper complexes with at least four towers and and designed by the same architect

TD Centre

Toronto » info

Reflections at Keppel Bay

Singapore » info

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Motherussia While up close I know the one on the left looks just an ugly black box compared  
Motherussia to the new sxcrapers with bridges, but as an overall complex Toronto one was unique for it's time, so my vote goes for TD Centre.  
TheIllinoisan One on the right will look very aged in 30 years. The one on the left is timeless.  +4
Grazhdanin Reflections at Keppel Bay  +1
Braillard TD Centre is vastly superior and intemporal. Reflections: Sketchy and cheap-looking.  +3
KayneMo TD Centre by far.  +3
Wezza Not even close, Relections easily.  +2
vartal Reflections at Keppel Bay  +2