one on one of December 23, 2017

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tallest of 2017 cup • quarter final

Lining up the eight tallest supertalls which have been completed in 2017

Shenzhen supertalls

Ping An Finance Center

Shenzhen • 599 meter » info

Hon Kwok City Center

Shenzhen • 329 meter » info

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Quall Ping An needs the spire  +5
phoenixboi08 Hmmm...I suppose. I also wish the cladding was less opaque.  
Grazhdanin Оба здания интересные!  
Gabriel900 Can Ping An Finance Center look any cheaper .. ew  
goodybear Ping An wins, but I still miss the spire.  +9
Edil Arda I don't like Ping An's shape, Hon Kwok's top looks cool.  +4
vartal Ping An Finance Center  +1