one on one of December 24, 2017

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tallest of 2017 cup • quarter final

Lining up the eight tallest supertalls which have been completed in 2017

Lotte World Tower

Seoul • 555 meter » info

Wilshire Grand Center

Los Angeles • 335 meter » info

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phoenixboi08 Lotte is nice, but it has a "beer belly" lol  +1
andreschultz26 lotte is imposing  
AnOldBlackMarble Tweezer tower s. 90's Cellphone tower? hmmm....  
Virus TI @ Sechou. Sure, cause it's so similar to our Lakhta Center :D  
RegentHouse Too bad the Koreans didn't give us Lotte World Tower height for Wilshire Grand Center, which would have comfortably dwarfed the U.S. Bank Tower.  +3
nick.english.dept Wilshire Grand Center: Sheer Architectural Beauty!  +1
Sechou Lotte World Tower 💖  +5