one on one of December 25, 2017

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tallest of 2017 cup • quarter final

Lining up the eight tallest supertalls which have been completed in 2017

The Address Boulevard

Dubai • 370 meter » info

Ahmed Abdul Rahim Al Attar Tower

Dubai • 342 meter » info

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Motherussia From that angle the one one the left (not counting Rose Rotana) looks like it's showing us all a middle finger.  
Motherussia I mean right  
DJaCoNdA No competition here, The Address Boulevard is the clear winner.  
Ch.W The best thing on Al Attar is...nothing. Uglyness in perfection  +5
phoenixboi08 This is...a tough one. We need a "middle" option.  +2
RaymondHood What kind of name is Building Address Boulevard?  
Gabriel900 "The Address" is the Hotel brand  
Gabriel900 Al Attar!!!! really lol  
vartal The Address Boulevard