one on one of December 26, 2017

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tallest of 2017 cup • quarter final

Lining up the eight tallest supertalls which have been completed in 2017

Marina 101

Dubai • 425 meter » info

DAMAC Residenze

Dubai • 335 meter » info

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Bisonblight If you look at different pictures of DAMAC, it really is an elegant building. It's too bad it's surounded by such garish crap (though the twisty building's not too bad).  +1
RegentHouse Garish > Boorish. I'm tired of the defeatist attitude infesting the West that everything new should be an ugly mess or boring.  
Tazac Dubai Marina baby!  +1
Edil Arda None!  +1
A Chicagoan Why are all of these buildings in Dubai?  
Ultros Some of the towers at Dubai Marina are the skyscraper equivalent of leopard print furry dice.  +6
RegentHouse The towers with spires would look great spaced out through the city skyline, but clustered together is interesting on its own right.  
vartal Marina 101  
Gabriel900 There is so many supertalls in one place they have to point to the ones with arrows lol .. love that  +13
A Chicagoan If you look closely, the two skyscrapers on the right of the first picture are also on the left of the second picture. If they had really wanted to, they could've captured both skyscrapers in one shot!  +1