one on one of December 28, 2017

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Houston cup • semi final

a selection of eight skyscrapers in the largest city of Texas

Pennzoil Place

159 meter • 1976 » info

Esperson Buildings

125 meter • 1927 » info

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Jim856796 Try to trump a late-modernist icon just because it's older... No offense to the Esperson Buildings, though.  
abii Don't tell me Pennzoil built that thing because "hm... oil is black so let's build a black skyscraper"! If that's why it's black then holyyyyyyyyyyyy. So f. dumb. What an American move.  
SMCYB I voted for the pretty building with the thoughtful design, not the wind tunnel testing ground.  +1
JMGA196 Generic black box.  +1
ThatOneGuy Late modern icon  
CNB30 A soulless blank black hodgepodge, or a beautifully ornamented early 20th century masterpiece  +3
Sechou Pennzoil Place. Not even a competition.  +3
vartal Esperson Buildings  +3