one on one of December 29, 2017

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gold cup • finale

Eight golden skyscrapers, one will take the gold!

Cour de Justice

Luxemburg » info

63 Building

Seoul » info

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SMCYB If Cour de Justice were stacked instead of next to each other I would have voted for it. Why do two 27-story buildings when you can do one 54-story building?  
naruciakk Without a doubt, Cour de Justice  
vartal 63 Building  +1
zaphod Neither, gold towers are ugly  
naruciakk Trump: You're fired ;)  +2
goodybear Cup Idea: Tallest buildings U/C in New York City  +4
BadgerCT Anything from Simcity gets my vote. Ooh, cup idea someone?  +10
RegentHouse Schizophrenic Brasilia vs. a symbol of South Korea for its time.  +2
Sechou 63 Building  +1
Edil Arda Ugly.7  +1
World8115 Although the facade, cladding of Cour de Justice looks good 63 Building is taller and comparactively less boxy  +4
RegentHouse The facade/cladding is what makes it bad.  +1