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etcetera vs. etcetera

car sharing

car owning

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» only registered members can comment To anyone interested in the future of (urban) transportation I highly recommend watching Tony Seba's lecture "Clean Disruption" about the future of energy and transportation. [link]  
spidey7312 As a sports car enthusiast, I take car owning over car sharing anyday.  
JMGA196 I need a car because public transport in my city is basically useless. Uber is a good alternative though.  
Balkanada Who wants to own a car? Literally the biggest financial drain that exists  +2
Gutovsky Not mutually excludent... I have a car, I use Uber, I would use car sharing if we had it in São Paulo. I use whatever is better at the moment. The faster we travel and get out of the street, the best it is for the city.  
SMCYB Bike, subway, bus, train.  +3
Slartibartfas I would not call uber a car sharing company, who chose that picture?  
Slartibartfas PS: I am for car sharing but the picture doesn't show it. It shows a Taxi company denying it is a taxi company  +3
Blandine Forberg Train, public transport, bike. I'd vote for car sharing rather than car owning, but the notorious Uber is not what I'd call car sharing. Hence no vote from me either.  +4
Gabriel900 I only chose car owning just because Uber is on the pic ... I had the worst experience with them  +1
IPimpYourFahrrad Life is like riding a bicycle! No vote from me!  +3
vartal car owning  +2