one on one of January 2, 2018

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europe 2017 cup • quarter final

A selection of eight skyscrapers in europe which were completed in 2017

Mistral Towers

Izmir • 216 and 154 meter » info

Upper West

Berlin • 118 meter » info

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mbm16cr Upper West, nice unique look  +1
Bisonblight Crappy picture of Upper West. You can't see any of the awesome detail.  +3
SMCYB I like the shape of Mistral but the windows of Upper West. I voted for the windows.  +2
RegentHouse The windows ruin it. What an eyesore for the area!  
Sechou Mistral Towers.  +1
Bosi Uuuum... Europe?  +2
Blazar Izmir is in Asia  +5
RegentHouse Asia Minor, which historically aligns with Indo-European tradition.  
Jim856796 Mistral. (For a second there, I thought that looked like the DC Towers in Vienna.)  +6
smyrnoff Mistral FTW!  +1
vartal Mistral Towers  +1
BerkeKayalar Mistral  +3