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europe 2017 cup • quarter final

A selection of eight skyscrapers in europe which were completed in 2017

Generali Tower

Milan • 177 meter » info

Palais de Justice

Paris • 160 meter » info

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Tith01ny Easy vote, Renzo Piano sleek tower!  
Amecurty hell no for that smaller scale of BIG's WTC 2..  
vartal Generali Tower  
barona news Milan the best  +1
Modestas Gailius This isn't even fair  +2
Karelian Beardog Milano wins  +1
fruit&nut I'm staggered that the Paris building was built in looks like some rubbish from the 1970's!!  +6
bicoccagio Sorry.. but there is no match! Generali Tower is beautiful!  +11
Skymino Love Hadid style  +1
Sam.A Generali is beautiful!!!!  +1
vinceItaly Paris!!!  
DiogoBaptista This is like a Straight vs Curved line choice!  +1
Sechou Ow shi, that's a tough choice. Maybe I go for Generali Tower this time.  +6