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north america 2017 cup • quarter final

A selection of eight of the tallest and best skyscrapers completed in 2017 in North America!

50 West

New York • 237 meter » info

Madison Square Park Tower

New York • 237 meter » info

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World8115 both look downright ugly  +1
DZH22 The pic doesn't show it, but the open top of the Madison Square Park Tower is downright gruesome.  +1
towerpower123 The curves of 50 West are far better!  
vartal 50 West  
RegentHouse 50 West, because it looks better and isn't cantilevering over a crummy nondescript low-rise, which otherwise should have been part of the redevelopment for a more substantial tower.  +1
DUBAI10000 Both are similar in that they're slender, glass, NYC skyscrapers. I prefer Madison Square slightly over 50 West.  +1
ArtZ Finally, the vote wouldn't be given according to the building's height.  +6
A Chicagoan But then, someone would go on Emporis and find out that 50 West is 778 feet tall, whereas Madison Square Park Tower is 777 feet tall.