one on one of January 9, 2018

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north america 2017 cup • quarter final

A selection of eight of the tallest and best skyscrapers completed in 2017 in North America!

River Point

Chicago • 223 meter » info

American Copper

New York • 165 and 143 meter » info

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DUBAI10000 If American Copper was 50 meters taller it'd be winning. Lol.  
towerpower123 American Copper due to a personal bias of watching them being built starting with the foundations.  +1
IBeMo. River Point is just boneless Torre Mayor  
SMCYB The bendy ones.  
radoner River point facade is a copy of México's City Torre Mayor  +6
Braillard Slick River Point has my vote. Corseted towers ain't a good idea for me.  +1
RegentHouse Clean and curvy beauty (River Point) vs. gimmicky clusterf**ck (American Copper).  +6
Modestas Gailius 2 completely different styles here, so its not really fair here.  +4
Sechou American Copper  +1
vartal River Point  +2