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europe 2017 cup • semi final

A selection of eight skyscrapers in europe which were completed in 2017

Metropol Tower

Istanbul • 280 meter » info

Mistral Towers

Izmir • 216 and 154 meter » info

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3tmk Since when is Izmir in Europe?  +6
SpiderBHZ Maybe Izmir isn't, but Istambul certainly is!  
RegentHouse Asia Minor has an everlasting Greco-Roman influence, even after centuries of Ottoman rule. We'll see if Erdogan ends up turning it into a Middle Eastern hellhole.  
ArabianKnight Regent House I love Europe but the matter of the fact is, the middle East is currently prospering much more than Europe, but keep up that hate, your hatred and racism will only fuel us to be better, and yes I know most of the buildings and designed by American and European engineers and architects whom we love and respect, it is the ambition of Arab leaders that is causing this success. Also Erdogan is one of the best leaders Turkey has ever had, and he is pushing for a lot of construction projects.  
A Chicagoan Metropol.  
goodybear I'd vote for Mistral Towers if it were not just *heavily inspired* of DC Towers in Vienna.  
meds They're pretty different actually. Mistral has rotating floorplates in every 15 floors while DC Towers have a verticular zig zag form in only one facade.  +2
Braillard both are bad  +1
Sechou Mistral Towers  +1
vartal Mistral Towers  +1