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tallest of 2017 cup • finale

Lining up the eight tallest supertalls which have been completed in 2017

Lotte World Tower

Seoul • 555 meter » info

Marina 101

Dubai • 425 meter » info

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SMCYB Frost Bank, 2005. [link]  +2
DUBAI10000 Marina 101 is a tacky disaster. I like Dubai and I still despise Marina 101. It's been a total disaster from the start, and, it's not even nearly as well designed, or thought out, as Lotte!  +4
3tmk I love that little arrow for the Marina101  +4
Victoria123 Marina101 looks tacky tbh. No offense.  +1
The World Flyer Lotte World Tower  
nick.english.dept While the Marina 101 would complement Dubai's skyline, the LWT's design is effortlessly and without a doubt the winner here!  +1
Infesus LWT  +1
DJaCoNdA In this round, there is no competition here. LWT is a clear winner hands down.  +10
Sechou Lotte World Tower  +1
vartal Lotte World Tower  +2