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marcogiso BEAUTIFUL FLORENCE - 5/5 from ROME  
brny Magic Firenze! But be careful with the Florence Syndrome ....  
kokomo Piazzale Michelangelo 5/5  
comrade7 Probably the most beautiful city in the world.  
Mick Molte Man, it sure looks lot like Firenza.  
antica nobiltà Florence is Florence. 5/5  
Ward Great city  
mashine1984 5/5 from Sofia!  
gerwaz Beautiful place! I recommend also Siena to sightsee in nearby  
Dorin Nikos Medici playground  
vittorio tauber Florence is flawless. 5/5.  
lezgotolondon Beautiful city and territory ruled by Her Majesty  
Brad interesting skyline, but the quality of the photo could be better. 3  
Brad I thout it was Edinburg(  +1