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midrise Peace, Love and Freedom too all....on Jesus's birthday!!!...100%  
vittorio tauber Vibrant view. Not that heap of rubbles called Rome. 5/5  
Edelweiss Kh 5 from Ukraine.  +1
Volpacchiotto Stand with Hong Kong  +1
ken2000ac Solidarity with the people of HK - love from Edinburgh  +1
arhimed2050 Hong Kong & Taiwan is China.  
72%abusivo?Difetto Did you know that in the city of Ragusa 89% of new constructions are built without a permit? We all have our little faults.  +1
vittorio tauber 89% so what? It's just a perception given by the anti-abusive narrative.  
72%abusivo?Difetto Cmq a Ragusa nel 2019 abusivismo al 233% sulle nuove costruzioni. Un piccolo difetto.  +1
vittorio tauber 89% e allora? E' solo una percezione da narrativa antiabusiva.  
bicoccagio Top pic!