banner of February 27, 2009

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titleDominican Republic celebrating
locationDominican Republic
infoCollection of images from the Dominican Republic. February 27 is Independence Day.
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 1.81, total votes: 661
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Mr.Falcon Not fair to be in Flop 15... I liked!  
Skyline Art It is a bit pixelated / if it were clearer i'd give it a 3/5.  
Skyscraper12345 3/5 because fireworks look awesome  
Dukljanka 4  
Vixtor 5/5 from Dominican Republic. La reput* madrisima. :)  +1
Isaaac amazing 5/5  +1
M.F.N. 1 de 5  
Braillard A skyline... of fireworks?!?  
al04life looks pretty bad to be truthful  
Lozover1 Shit  
Mutiix123 The banner is ok. Could have been better. 3/5  
Jaru123 bello  
Emir Jacob Great Banner, Excellent  
Emir Jacob Great Banner, Excellent  
Emir Jacob Great Banner, Excellent  
ElCrioyo Viva la Republica Dominicana  
mjbu Not quite my style.  
Bakano456 beautiful the best banner!!! 10/5  
Euromax this may be in the worst banners list, but unlike the others it has its cheer!! :)  
letalweapon mi pais es bello y alegree!!!!!!!!!  
Moegb :|  
Exa Ammm que le veo a la imagen? Oo  
serie56 Nice!!!!!  
Jan test  
Jan Happy Independence Day!