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titleSydney skyline
locationSydney, Australia
sourceforum user CULWULLA
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 3.77, total votes: 719
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M.F.N. Bom  
Gauthier ugly skyline , ugly baner!  
Gauthier ugly skyline  
letalweapon hermosa ciudad  
Ruy greattt banner!  
QuarterMileSidewalk Wham! 5!  
OneMetropolis OMG!!! The Sydney skyline is crazy!!!  
Tom in Chicago nice lighting  
dejan_b88 very nice..  
Urbania Beautiful!  
christarrant Cracker of a skyline  
Pablo-Gt-Xela Very Nice, or "Veri Nais" like the people write in my country  
FAVAustinTX Interesting picture, it should have been the Gold Coast  
Stockwell Beautiful skyline!  
tk10 Nice! Gold city!  
nixy 4/5  
kegur muy bueno me gusto  
gayscraper Sydney is such a beautiful city!!! where can I get this picture from?? I need it for a presentation... please send me a message...  
b4mmy fab  
firefox2 Beautiful caption of Australian sunset.  
droneriot Cool skyline, sucky lighting. 1/5  
kevinkagy Great shot, beautiful city!  
The Kent boring  
toxela! si really good, the best banner in the history of skyscrapercity  
Arqui Segura great banner, great city!  
guimb Nice *.*  
HS Sydney could have a better banner but this one is good enough :)  
Klifix Nice Bannert  
Dragon-T Excelente!!!!!!!  
Panapty_2 really nice!!!  
juricaperesin nice one - four stars ****  
AlbertZ awesome! *****  
Migssant Excellent banner  
CULWULLA thanks guys, i found it on flickr. really shows sydney at its finest. as seen from the westerly view. its skyscrapers are so diverse now. creates a great cityscape!  
Singidunum Very nice. I second the comment of 3tmk  
India101 Very nice. Like the gold glow.  
christos-greece Very nice Sydney banner  
makoppa Yay- no Harbour Bridge and Opera House..  
Borisnifk Wow! Top that!  
ZATUGA Very cool banner, for one of worlds most beautiful cities  
Domino_wrc excellent  
Bas B Great picture! 5/5  
Verny nice pic!  
Dyllip :D !!!!  
WstrnAstrln love the warm, golden light!  
3tmk great photo of a great skyline: the perfect banner. Some of those folks from villages should learn and stop posting their crappy pictures, and let more space for banners like these  
meghnarmajhi 5/5  
meghnarmajhi 5/5  
Ramses excellent!  
samba_man Golden Sydney  
aleko AWESOME!  
leotizi totally made of gold! good!!  
lewisskinner Just another clump of drab nothingness...  
Fuji Magnifique !  
vynzdelz best skyline ever and many supertalls!!! wow!!!!  
sammiesyd Sydney is awesome! Great banner.  
nameless dude Makes Sydney look so short, but wonderful colour. Overall, an excellent banner.  
nameless dude Makes Sydney look so short, but wonderful colour. Overall, an excellent banner.  
skyscraper100 beautiful!  
Xavier 13081 Excellent, I like it, sorry for the 2 stars, I had an accident.  
Intoxication BEAUTIFUL PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!  
Intoxication BEAUTIFUL PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!  
abskess nice one  
goschio quite good 5/5  
Guille76 Best banner so far...  
mihai_alex wonderful..just wonderful  
MattTheTubaGuy The only decent skyline I have visited and can remember. (I went to LA in 2000)  
Death NoVa nice :) the city of gold .... amazing banner  
Askario well  
Ekb_Morlaix it looks like made of gold!  
_00_deathscar Brilliant! Best SSC banner ever.  
fishcatdogbird ace!