banner of April 3, 2009

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titleEscazú, Costa Rica
location, Costa Rica
sourceforum user Tillor87
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 1.71, total votes: 1022
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James1983 too cheesy...  
Seoul_Korea 1/5 from Seoul, Korea  
skybuildalb maybe the newst brick in the pic was made 50 years ago  
Unregistered no vote!!!a small jungle with some blocks of concrete sucks!!! maybe in 200 years later it'd be a good banner.  
oriontrail Can you spot a NUDE girl in a window?  
vildan I agree with you!  
CxIxMaN Stop bullying this photo it's not bad  
Sheridan Photoshop fail.  
Braillard Probably the worst banner that ever appeared on this site.  
sixsigma1978 Crap 2/5  
Juanes777 Beautiful  
Jaguar jajajaja  
Jaguar really bad  
Lozover1 Shit  
alarhu Cero a la izquierda.  
nygav94 bad editing for such a nice city :(  
ticogol una zona pintoresca, me gusta  
Emir Jacob Es el banner mas feo que he visto, es el mas horrible que han puesto en toda la historia de la pagina  
deranged Horrendous!  
betocomics Love Costa Rica, Hate the Banner  
Zollverein very nice 5/5  
Moegb mierda!  
alvaro16 Escazu is very Beautiful,  
robertomel :(  
kruel XXX SKY LINE?  
isidrops93 Exc banner one of the most exclusive areas in central america  
Pablo-Gt-Xela la verdad escazu es un lugar muy bonito, pero el banner deja mucho que desear  
Aireos when the banner is in a developed country, the people votes 5/5 ¬¬  
Aireos when the banner is in a developed country, the people votes 5/5 ¬¬  
Tito Bad!  
SEGARES ESCAZU!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)  
Kwame I like the greenery. 2/5 for effort! :)  
Arqui Segura I dont like it.  
The einziger Emperor lol?!  
vivamex la primer imagen la hicieron sobre saltar de mas,  
TICO69 Very nice, this great idea!!!!  
Edif Guad Perdón, le dí uno por error, y quería darle 5!!!  
Tecun the image does not flow  
3tmk horrible. And somebody actually sent me a pm to complain about my last comment on villages. Maybe they did not see this banner first, lol  
IRAZU Beautiful combination of nature and urbanism!! ESCAZU ROCKS!!  
vertiz ASCO!  
MasonicStage? poor  
FAVAustinTX Buena idéa pero necesita trabajo, good idea but needs improvement,  
dubart awful, sorry  
byroncu Una de las zonas mas lujosas y hermosas de mi país. se pudo mostrar mas, pero esta muy bonito igual...  
Juan C. Sequeira Escazu tiene tantas cosas bonitas, creo que pudo haber quedado mucho mejor!!! y falto la cruz verde de Le monaster!!!  
dejan_b88 the church is great... but rest is uuuuuuuuuuuuuu.....  
Maх Its boring...  
Tatanmr las orillas no me gustaron, lo verde se ve genial  
ianlopez1115 A bit unorganized, should/could had been improved.  
Bas B 1/5?? 1/1000!!! Yesterday was better  
skyscraper100 looks plain  
nixy very bad...  
MattTheTubaGuy strange. could have been put together a bit better  
Singidunum look under the sydney banner for the comment of 3tmk  
VTS1600 is it a joke?  
ww_lodz Hope this is a joke... -.-  
Matticitt Horrible.