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titleCollection of Zylhet, Bangladesh
locationSylhet, Bangladesh
sourceforum user tanzirian
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 2.19, total votes: 409
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Ruy no more photoshop please!  
69Ketchup borring.  
patroeski ugly buildings, ugly composition, ugly banner  
Xpressway Nice powerpoint!! oops i mean banner.  
Julianz nice.. esta bueno!  
ankushgupta what is so special in Mosque??  
vertiz So powerpoint!!  
ahmedd Hope to see this for real in december!  
rock-a-fella ver nice!  
tislam84 Awesome banner!  
HOLABETO nice buildings 3/5  
BarbaricManchurian looks like miami!  +1
Maх Its okay  
Kwame Such a beautiful country, great banner! 5/5  
amar11372 tanzirian did an excellent job on this.  
manbil777 Sylhet the queen of the NorthEast :)  +1
meghnarmajhi Beautiful Sylhet today  
Bas B ^^ Yes, indeed. 1/5  
ZATUGA Banners should be city panoramas.  
3tmk not a very good composition :(  
PedroGabriel the bad of the pic is that its to many pic, the palace in the middle with the palm tree looks very nice, it deserved a proper banner  
ww_lodz I prefer panoramas as banners, not sticked a few pix...  
Borisnifk I like it! 5/5 from me! Nice Job.  
MPC_PT not bad  
Vilapriņo Nice banner