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titleHonduras collage
infoCentral American Summer Saturday Banner 5/7
sourceforum user Tillor87
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 1.84, total votes: 964
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Skyscraper12345 I rate -1000 not picture for skyscrapercity!!  
@[email protected] That isnĀ“t a Skyscraperbanner! Bad!  
@[email protected] -999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999/5  
oriontrail bad bad photoshop work...  
eoinmorga bad  
JMascus Ugly!  +1
damarsinyo bad  
Dharkcom Well i think this is just a Banner, but my country it is not just a banner.. anyway my flag has 5 stars, so i will put it on this banner  
Mutiix123 Why do the people always submit banners with different pictures in one? -1/5  
PAPIYAKO q rika se ve la playita.  
Mompirri Nice!  
Jaguar ho-rri-ble y entre tanto terminan sin mostrar nada. ah, lo siento mucho por el golpe de estado.  
Arqui Segura No me gustan los collages  
Seattlelife The 6/28 banner is going to cause all sorts of arguments on here!  
derleth Horrible... odio los montajes!!!!  
Ruy not again...another ugly collage 1/5. sorry amigos  
100%catracho no me gusta mucho la verdad no le hace justicia a honduras  
Dannistelrooy Apesta, no deberķan poner estos Banners  
Raymondzhydra I know you people love take it!!!!  
-Corey- garbage  
skytrax i like it  
69Ketchup im gonna vote next banner 1 likes this  
Grayproduct collages = automatic 1  
Tecun Honduras is a great country but unfortunately this banner only shows sectional structures and monuments and the only continuity they give us is the firey sky.  
Tecun Honduras is a great country but unfortunately this banner only shows sectional structures and monuments and the only continuity they give us is the firey sky.  
robertomel ???  
Tomek 2008 please next banner :D  
69Ketchup *frequently  
69Ketchup ^^  
69Ketchup why does this place has banner frequency?  
69Ketchup lolllllllllll 1  
marcin6822 eh... 1/5  
FAVAustinTX Again the gods of Skyscraper speak, hail to the gods!!!  
Raymondzhydra come on guys, I know you all totally love this banner. Phill and Dexter (the first two forumers) sent me a PM saying that they will print and frame it  
Xer que porqueria de Banner !  
sharky_88 look at top 5 worst bannrs. all latin america + all collages. doesn that make you think sth is wrong with it ;) ?  
Aiacos Why collages???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????  
Bullswool uuuurgh enough of the montages already!!  
Alex08 La verdad si esta feito, creo que mejor hubieran escogido otro tipo de edificios.  
Dzwonsson Latin America strikes back! 1/5!  
zutatux001 Los collages apestan, traten de ya no mandar colleges como banners.  
HOLABETO Lo que paso es que los banners centroamericanos "collages" se mandaron a Jan al mismo tiempo  
Luigini la verdad que si se pudo(pudimos) sacar algo mejor, ya con esto hay que darse cuenta que son 1000 veces mejores las panoramicas...:(  
Tekila ugly banner  
joluve Que necedad, siento verguenza ajena  
Milling awesome 1/5  
Archetipo I like it...3/5  
janex_wwa South America roxxx... 1/5  
santiaguin I dont like montages... but this one is not that bad... 2/5  
becs I don;t like it ;x  
”Jocote Verde! i ment "even though", aghhh i hate you can`t edit XDXD  
”Jocote Verde! i ment "countries", and "them". XD  
”Jocote Verde! The people of the Central America contries where forced to do collages, the administration didn`t allowed the to do panoramics evendo everybody wanted to do so. So if you are smart just judge the pictures and not the "type" of banner  
Zerg Crap.  
AlbertZ no more collages please! they look awful..  
Usanmart a como les gusta usar ediciones 3/5  
Hecalex Bad!! Central America has the worst banners, specially for the collages! 1/5  
Mik3 o.Ops!!!! They Did It Again!!!!!!!!! 1/5  
invincible fewer montages please  
nixy 1/5  
Falshivomonetchick ???  
Falshivomonetchick ???  
Lsr ojajebe  
osote Sorry, love Honduras, but the banner is a bit cluttered.  
dexter2 Not again!! Please! -1/5  
Phill bleh 1/5 it is the worst banner i have seen here... better nothing than this