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titleDay of the German Banner
infoCelebrating the 5th annual Day of the German Banner, another fine SkyscraperCity tradition!
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 2.20, total votes: 1166
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EricTheodoreCartman STUPID!!!!  
junaidahmadj WTF  
juzo what the hell is this doing here? some rubbish really, just plain stupid  
La Repuvlica Porque no es un banner de Alemania, ¡es el banner alemán! Dos cosas muy diferentes.  
AuriRojo QUE COSA MÁS ESPANTOSA!!! 0 / 5 Alemania es hermosa, ¿por qué la castigan con este banner que parece de noticia de periódico?  
SureThing_II ehmmm  
Verny excremento  
talo celeste malooooooooooo  
Palomo_Yuc horrible!  
Rekarte 5/5,I liked!  
Fotostatica Hahaha I love the German Day Banners  
Limonysal is funny but are is not valued  
Limonysal this is not a skyscraper line of this city  
eddyk I Loved it! Makes me wish you won WWII instead.  
leogodoy 5/5, love this forum traditions. Cheers from Brazil, you damned beer un sauerkraut eating maniacs! ;)  
Xpressway Bad banner...  
Isek Good, better, Deutschland!  
Siera dumb  
kevinkagy DEUTSCHLAND!  
eastpak gut, besser, euer banner!  
juniorzzi the worst, ever  
nachop666 que poronga es esto?  
erbse Why my posts always posted twice when refreshing? Very ungerman!  
szotrab70 You could have made it better  
eastpak gut, besser, euer banner!  
eastpak gut, besser, euer banner!  
tijuano en el df i dont know what to think about it  
jose1992 very ugly banner!!  
Magic Buster Germans, greetings from Israel  
erbse Amazing! Watch the vote chart! Exactly how we calculated before! Germans are to good to be true eh!  
Cristii so underrated:))  
Benonie Is the banner hacked or so? 2/5  
berolina Probably best rated banner ever?  
Ruy hate it! may this be the last of this stupid tradition. 1/5  
Patrick most intelligent and most dynamic banner ever.  
Kampflamm Best banner ever! Lutscht es! JA!  
youknow Very funny, congrats!  
Buddy Holly stupid  
2co2co ???????wwww  
rdv- this is the best banner ... 1/5  
RodrigoB1006 5/5  
Naipesky vote = (5*?²+1)-(1*-1³)/0  
Shakaypa gross  
kuquito terrible you should be ashamed. Wie shade!  
ilyasr2 wtf!  
building demolisher original 1/5  
berolina Great with the arrows pointing to the ads on top of it!  
erbse Amazing! Watch the vote chart! Exactly how we calculated before! Germans are to good to be true eh!  
Bacian Scheise!  
Karolina. eh...  
elzon No me convence  
Grunnen Haha! :D 5/5  
Rocker9 pense que era publicidad, lo siento  
HOLABETO sucks big time  
Deadeye Reloaded Excellent!!! :D Our plan worked: The vote distribution chart shows the "Shaka sign"! [link] Merry Christmas to you all!!!  
Unregistered Excellent! Our plan worked: The vote distribution shows the Shaka sign, a gesture of friendship and understanding! [link]  
[email protected] zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...  
Carlosx 1  
Ji-Ja-Jot guters zeug polarisiert. der wilde westen dankt osteuro kotzt mal wieder ab  
Bauer-Ewald @ Costa Rica: This banner was just made for such muppets like you :D  
MACTMEISTER So hilarious the German Banner of this year :crazy:  
Pablo323 Perfect.  
niztnanot haha fun!  
Viciouster ha ha funny  
mike7743 horrible, this looks like a poster they used to use just before WWWII broke out.  
partenos crap but funny..  
Exa Beautiful Skyline ¬¬  
lukaszek89 scheise  
YelloPerilo Some people are just jealous of our superior German design!  
Mopeyennui CRAP!  
Askold one of the crappiest banners ever  
NicoBolso care to explain?  
Costa Rica To be honest, I hate Germany, I hate their language , I hate their ugly girls and ridiculous level of entertaiment (e.g Volksmusik TV). Greeting from Poland.  
John_Mcbridge WTF????  
Arq. Juancho Banner just sucks today! sorry friends!  
Anak-tij Sin pecado consebido jajaja  
Anak-tij [61] Vitiok on December 22, 2009 22:03:27 Ave María Purísima...  
Anak-tij Very Original. Greeting for Tijuana, ||Viva Germany||  
-*Casa Saboya*- WTF!!!  
Ayceman Dumb  
GOL2007 Worst banner EVER!!! Just stupid  
GOL2007 Worst banner EVER!!! Just stupid  
Hecalex I love it! 5/5  
kaethar You either love this or hate it. I love it. A big LOL. :D 5/5  
Guaro15 funny!  
erbse I smell jealousy in here!  
sakai haha  
osote AWFUL!  
Aqualino Dolfín funny!  
erjolog although i like germany, i dont get the banner and i dont like it . sorry  
erjolog although i like germany, i dont get the banner and i dont  
_Mort_ piece of shit 1/5  
SOLOMON love it!  
André Sehr hässlich  
xchekox Great Tradition...  
roro987 jajajajajaja  
DjSzuli 0/5 .....  
Klausenburg Ich liebe Deutch!  
DarkLite Stupid and pointless  
Me! boooooooring !! ..  
La Repuvlica You make me surf on Internet Explorer just to see the direction-lines joke XD  
kpsk funny :D  
BartBart meh - not funny. Can you vote in the negatives?  
betocomics boring idea  
Reiser 5/5! beautiful nature, wonderful buildings..  
3tmk What else would we need our good german friends for? 5/5 just to mess with their statistic :D  
GarfieldPark pretty useless and obnoxious  
erbse Deutschland meine Liebe!  
zwanneman2 And I thought Germans did not have a sense of humor  
Oh?! ganz wunderbar!  
pichuneke typical german humour, ha, ha, ha!!!  
szn 5th, not 5rd ;)  
MarioGutiérrez What a shit  
berolina Ze Germans are about to enter! But pssst.. Don´t mention ze war. ;-P Greets from Berlin  
berolina 5/5 Good one and very funny. First time I ever realized the banner.  
siegwahrheit Genius!!  
erbse Deutschland meine Liebe!  
cheaperthrillz By far the worst banner ever.  
hooghoudt 5/5, just because of the amount of comments it provokes :P  
Occit original 4/5  
pdm ´info: Celebrating the 5rd annual Day of the German Banner, another fine SkyscraperCity tradition!´ - Celebrating the... fifrd?! ROFL  
Pnamascraper ...  
Akril ?? ?? ??????  
krzysztof_wolf WTF?!  
KuyaHeinz Uh, uh, uh, I am coming Hamburg / Germany  
Corporate.slave Pretty funny 3  
misipile 5rd?! WTF? LOL  
jowmatrix I think I have some kind of german humor inside me. Awesome!  
The-King awesome xD  
Ji-Ja-Jot 5/5 sonst klatscht et  
Ji-Ja-Jot 5/5 sonst klatscht et  
ABC LV 5/5 perfect :)) Keep it up  
chinarulez 3/5  
Jav bah  
Indyk no  
xsxxxxx Hehe ,Ich liebe dich ;) Wspania?y:D  
fruit&nut Utter twaddle!  
LanceDriver This is of the great won! You for love of it ok. What reminds you of theat is when I look into some of the areas then bammmm, you see! Farther away it is of best with color schemes and statements lines and different angles. Love it! 5/5  
Manchester Planner Oh dear..  
Skyscraper.Aholic What the f is this !?  
vostri megalomania !!  
tuomas666 omg :( 1/5  
Pisling 5/5 I looove ze Germans! ;-)  
venom6 A pic from Berlin or Frankfurt would ahve been better. Sorry but its strange after getting up this morning. lol 1/5  
marciink88 fail  
AdamChobits 5/5 of course, Germany is above everything, even above style. :LOL:  
bremsy haha you tried it TWICE and failed so fu*k off :D  
xXFallenXx hahaha, very funny.  
WiGgLz01 idea is ok, but HELL NO!!!  
Imperfect Ending 5/5 actually. I love it  
//MUSTANG// Very creative, although it has no skyscrapers.  
desertpunk Wha..?  
diz what the crap?  
TARAKAN shit  
Aan yeah it could be funny if you have german context ads and not other  
ismaelzetaaa SHITTY  
Durbsboi what a ripper! weldone  
GBgreat 0 better than 1...horror banner  
tomi1975 1/5 not my sense of humor...  
default i didnt get it. wtf?  
zenith_suv what is this  
muck308 2/5rd  
iMikexD nice  
angel_kaido jajajaja  
Marcos-BH WTF???  
mecanico242 Deutschland rules!!, cheers from México D.F. 5/5  
Mik3 WTF????????????????????????????  
John123 Very rare..... hmmmm  
Vitiok Ave María Purísima...  
sodiumchloride Love it!  
siamu maharaj ACHTUNG!!!  
le Reine it looks weird  
Dugommier I want a Banner-blocker please... haha, j/k  
girlicious_likeme the best banner ever! i love haagen-dazs! 5/5  
La Repuvlica AAAAHAHAHAHAH, Google Ad! I love it! XDDDD  
Espasa El banner puede gustar o no, pero la inteligencia personalidad y originalidad  
Espasa El banner puede gustar o no, pero la inteligencia personalidad y originalidad  
Jutkin Next time tell us a joke we all understand. It´ll be funnier  
Jutkin I don´t get the joke here. This is only for few to understand.  
miguel_2992 Wunderbar! Frohe weichnaten  
YelloPerilo Hihi :D  
exocet What the hell? This is awful, completely irrelevant and poorly done.  
madikipe What have been seen cannot be unseen. FUFUFUFUFFUFFFFUFUFUF  
LazyOaf :( RIP Thanks for your wonderful contributions to the site  
Thefx Estupid Banner...  
SEAfan utterly un-geil  
ejo I dont understant the main think of this a banner. No skyscrapers no stars.  
jrg85 sehr witzig xDD  
_Mort_ it looks like advertisment  
quaku2 WTF is dat?! :>  
valleluz no habia un banner mas feo para hoy?se ha lucido...  
Van der Rohe love it!!! great one!!!  
antovador original and funny  
d.henney :D  
StephenP No  
Pansori it caugt my attention... nice concept. Love it. :)  
Bauer-Ewald brilliant  
marciomaco wtf?  
realstranger einfach geil :)  
schum-ho GEIL!  
sharky_88 WAS IS DAS !?!?!  
schum-ho By the way: People, vote only 1/5, we need a Flop15 entry! :)  
FREKI Geil!  
Zanovijetalo original, 5*  
Dapperheid Tower 2/5  
Patrick Hate us or love us :D  
Patrick Hate us or love us :D  
janex_wwa i love german banner day:D  
schum-ho By the way: People, vote only 1/5, we need a Flop15 entry! :)  
schum-ho Haha, now who says Germans would have no humor again? :D  
Marek_VF You know this actually sucks?  
schum-ho Haha, now who says Germans would have no humor again? :D  
Norkey =:8P  
SpicyMcHaggis germans are having their day again :)  
Rbs Love it or hate it... ich LIEBE ES!  
Bauer-Ewald And the tradition goes on 5 Stars  
DamianPL previous ones were so much better  
JJFox wunderbar!  
erbse GEIL!  
MasonicStage? ausgezeichnet! 5 sterne :)  
Tin_Can Oh dear...Ze Germans! Well,it made me laugh,so three points from me.  
Fallen Interesting idea for a banner. I dislike it, but i give it 3/5 for originality!  
Ivanski hahah like it 5/5  
Cosmin Prime Flop 15 material, JA!  
JoHaN 15 beautiful. n__n  
ooh Hit the wrong nerve when it pointed to a picture of london and claimed it German. WW2 anyone?  
XD ??????, ????-?? ???????...  
Desert Diver Sorry, but this just shitty...