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titleUdaipur waterfront
locationUdaipur, India
infoThe Lake Palace and City Palace.
sourceBaboMike at
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 3.57, total votes: 528
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Anshul beautiful  
Gotcha picturesque and amazing  
Sandro Bernardo foto inda!!!  
ducati cba boring  
BariasEC nice  
sanjupalayat excellant......historic water front...  
JohnnyLeigh idyllic  
Indian Rockstars [email protected]!!!!  
Rago nice!  
Le magnifique le magnifique  
alama AWESOME  
chennaidesi great looking Udaipur  
city_of_joy great historical buildings!  
truckin 25 pakis have voted  
joker-rs cool  
satishanu Fantastic  
salto_angel 4. nice one.  
LeKemono 4 good  
Sharath Krishnan S Awesome this is what india is about 5/5  
engineer.akash udai rocks  
sayaka love it!  
downunder1 surreal and mystical!  
uboi1 5/5 it is exellent  
anekho yeah! looks sweet:)  
the_egyptian wow it is auseme  
ashwinmandloi Just one word, Incredible India  
javi itzhak lovely !!!!  
Indian Sun classy ! beautiful udaipur !  
zenith_suv beautiful shot, kudos to the photographer  
simpliCITY looks like a painting....Nice  
truckin who submitted the banner?  
pratyushics fantastic  
Giorgoos magnificent!  
entreact333 5/5 great  
Murci disregard my previous comment, it was for panama city  
Murci looks like miami  
Jodhpur2 Amazing! My lovely state of Rajasthan!!!  
flyinfishjoe Wow, very beautiful structure!  
Effer Noice.  
Strong Hearted I like it :)  
cut3_b0y History preserved nd gr8 pic!  
todmill nice