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titlePort Voyage skyline
infoBanner submitted by the SSC Community Google Sketchup project. The City is SSC Community Google Sketchup project
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 1.71, total votes: 1157
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FloripaNation wtf  
Skyline Art Looks fake and bland.  
Skyscraper12345 This doesn't look a bit real! This looks like city game -- 2/5 not too bad  
pizzaplanet omg  
James1983 too fake.. looks like a high school project 1/5  
Georgia777 fake and ugly 1/5  +1
Sirius2.0 Not enough attention to details...But great for a picture from a software. 5/5  
Seoul_Korea 1/5 from Seoul. It is very ugly and nosense banner.  
Elnur167 how interesting  
Popthepuff What is this?  
skybuildalb im not here to watch researches  
Aliens Greatly! Super Tokyo!!!  
soteropolis25 Good for a SketchUp project, except the orange sky. 3/5  
masaguseka28 FAKE!  
oriontrail 1/5 from Croatia. this is so ugly, you could make sky blue, since the buildings seem to be lit with blue light.  
mwahmed 1/5 From Pakistan  
mwahmed What a stupid Image banner  
Hut_17 wea pa fea  
reita.ryo2011 the color of the sky does not match with the skyline. but I admit you are creative.  
CxIxMaN Dream on!  
WiGgLz01 i would like to see any of you haters try to make a 3d building worthy of being in this skyline 5/5 for sure, the creativity is just emmense and it is a gorgeous sight  
Balkanada horrible  
ruffian210 not real  
Klugermann wtf! ugly 1/5  
Suburban Knight what is the point of putting on a city that isnt real?  
garegnanoman nightmare...  
fordgtman1992 meds, no its a 660 meter tower that I created, and is different  
rY17 nice  
ElCrioyo ugly but creative...1/5 nonetheless...  
Guiche Rex Hasta yo hago un Banner mejor XD  
eMSir Malo...  
bharatiya wackkkk beroo  
perilouspete omg like is this somewhere secret?!  
osote yuck  
Blue Flame uhhh. 1/5  
kokomo where is this place?  
fragel maybe the low rate is due to the background...  
filcan no lights...  
Chikoelektriko se parece a Cudad Gotica jaja saludos  
DimitriV this is not the photo.. 1/5  
da_funkmaster bah  
sasa_taisa -1  
ronnyfv 1/5 Lo siento 1/5  
reichsleiter It looks like a render of a new GTA city. The fact it is a fake is so obvious.  
Ray dumb.  
Innsertnamehere for all of you, this just part of a "superopilis2.0", and a VERY small part of the city, and inorder for us to build the rest of the city without our computers crashing, it needs to be some-what low detailed.  
Euro-Maracay Que mierda es esta!!??  
JmB & Co. (-10) Low quality modelling, low quality rendering.  
Simgiov is this a joke?  
JediHamster 1/5  
Heidjer 1/5  
Flamesrule I like it.  
ChapinUrbano excelente trabajo, good job!!!  
Rago I dont get it  
LeitoStafe 1/5... poor banner  
fordgtman1992 This is the best we can get it to look guys, so respect all the work we have put into this city.  
ZerOne The ugliest banner ever!  
Carlosx lo califico con 2 por lo falso..! Parece apocalíptico el fin del planeta  
FDripping ¿Made in a PC?  
Sandro Bernardo omg 1/5  
Skyscraper_Aholic Is this a joke?  
ashwa Creative/out of the box banners never work on ssc..  
DaniFR bad  
mecanico242 1/5  
alexscoutccs no me gusta terribleee...  
KKtw [link]  
Zlat Palonsky ugly 1|5  
SureThing_II super ugly!  
anhcanem8897 not bad not good! just render!  
fafafa2233 1 omg  
fafafa2233 1 omg  
xvoidx Skyline of NY in Google Earth looks better. yup...  
xvoidx 1/5. render is low quality or model is low detailed. sky is ugly. but idea is interesting...  
Rekarte HORROROSO!  
ElViejoReino - 5  
Bakano456 -1  
BelovedSaigon so so ugly  
jonny00rage uninspired (see what I did there?)  
HK999 horrible, 1/5  
Chelox Horrible  
LeKemono boring 2starzz  
WYZ It looks so fake, so scifi lol  
Wendell Rocha ohno 1/5  
2co2co depressing...  
Solopop 1  
Erran Is it just a 3D render?  
meds lol is that Tokyo Sky Tree on the left?  
Skeltar Very good render, but not very appealing as a banner...  
Izumy cadê são paulo que nunca aparece?  
feyma just render  
feyma 2 nothing special  
SashOk 1  
[email protected] ugly 1/5  
ikeamen sketchupped.. 3|5  
dean93 outstanding 5/5