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titleSydney skyline
locationSydney, Australia
infoTaken: April 10th 2009 from Harbour-view Hotel, North Sydney. In the picture you can see the Sydney skyline and Sydney Harbour Bridge.
sourceforum user ausie
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 3.77, total votes: 507
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vinex 5/5  
ikeamen LQ :(  
abodi_cool really ugly short buildings  
Carlosx muy buena pero el color no me gusto 4  
Ekumenopolis Perfect. What a city!  
reichsleiter That is what I always expect of a banner in that kind of city: Perfection.  +1
Euro-Maracay La veo normal, sydney tiene mejores fotos... un 3  
Rago thats a very good one of sydney  
SOLOMON gorgeous!...  
Danieldong Very nice skyline :D  
rY17 awesome  
Jeromeo Nice skyline! Congrats with the daily banner  
skyscraperlover9595 Ausie, nice shot of the Sydney skyline!! 100/5!!!  
nameless dude definately not the best angle and banner of Sydney  
nameless dude definately not the best angle and banner of Sydney  
Juan02 love it  
OldBoy137 4/5  
Cabman Watched the New Years firework from roughly that angle Januaury 2010. Happy memories of my first trip down under.  
Aadil.Aijaz Nice angle! 5/5  
elzon Beautiful city of Australia  
Róka Nagyon jó kép!  
DeamDeamz good!! 5/5  
Indian Sun 3/5 nice angle, but poor composition.  
mecanico242 5/5  
AuriRojo Imponente y por siempre hermosa Sydney, la amo! 5/5  
ChristianZ now thats a skyline!  
ZerOne Amazing!! 5/5  
ausie yay, mine  
manumau5 I think that Sydney deserves more than this  
Solopop 3, great shot but bad quality.  
vittorio tauber Perfect cut, wonderful place, imposing and elegant skyline. Among the best banners ever.  
Keni GM Beautiful view  
Skeltar nice view  
Danubis awful  
swifty78 first i seen at that angle 5/5